Thursday, January 12, 2012

9 January 2012: Return to Marhau!

Contrary to yesterday’s report of strong ‘southeasterlies’ developing today, we awoke to a benign morning that was cool (high 50s F) and overcast.  Our camp ranger, a delightful Aussie temporarily stationed in New Zealand, informed us the weather report had changed overnight and that the winds would be favorable for kayaking back to Marahau.  We broke camp by 9am and packed the kayaks and backpacks for the return trip.  Our backpacking group (Dr. Moran and six students) packed for their trip back by kayak and my group, the folks who initially kayaked to the Anchorage campground, packed for the hike back to Marahau.  Both groups had a smooth trip ‘home’ to the Barn. We made a quick lunch at the Barn and then we were off to find some ‘tame eels’ to pet in a nearby town!

Kayakers and backpackers set to leave Anchorage campground for Marahau!

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