Thursday, January 12, 2012

10 January 2012: Greymouth: a day of rest

Our day in Greymouth began with a Skype session with the Balmville 3rd graders led by biology major, Shannon Attebery.  Unfortunately, we had trouble establishing a connection and only had a limited interaction with the students.  Internet connections have been relatively inconsistent during our travels, but we’re resolved to have our conversations with the Balmville students.  Shannon grinned-and-beared having to wake early to Skype and I really appreciated her understanding!

Our day in Greymouth was a relatively relaxed one: many students walked the town in search of souvenirs and worked on their journals for our course.  Following an early dinner that included watching LSU blank Alabams for the BCS college football championship, we headed to the nearby town of Hokitika for our next big biology adventure: finding glow-worms!

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