Thursday, January 12, 2012

9 January 2012: Petting eels in Tasman

Rick Field (Brook Sanctuary) turned us onto a place in the town of Tasman, located about 15min from the Barn, which reportedly had freshwater eels that could pet.  So, our adventurous crew took to finding these creatures during our trip to our next stop on the trip, Greymouth.  Low-and-behold, finding them was easy!  We stopped at the Jester House CafĂ© in Tasman and found that, yes, they had eels in an adjacent stream that could pet!  Most of our crew took the opportunity to reach into the shallow stream to pet the eels, some as long as 1m!  Our students reported that the eels were very slimy (and I have to concur, they were probably the most slimy thing I’ve touched!).  After a short visit and lots of photos, we hopped back into our home-on-wheels and began our trip to Greymouth.  We would make a final stop during our trip…read on!

Peter Kelleher (Psychology) petting the freshwater eels at the Jester House in Tasman, New Zealand.

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