Tuesday, January 14, 2014

13 January 2014: Queenstown to Dunedin

Our time in Queenstown has come to an end and our students look like the town got the best of them...which is good and exactly as planned!  Sleepy students piled into the van and promptly knocked-off for the trip to the coastal city of Dunedin.

The trip through the Otago region to the southeast coast of the South Island was initially covered with fruit orchards of all sorts: cherry, apricot, and plum were the most popular.  We drove through a vast grassy plain that was scattered with large chunks of sedimentary rock, scenes that were reminiscent of the vistas from the 'Lord of the Rings' 'Rohan' region.  Quite spectacular!

As we wound-around to the southeast, the wind picked up and the weather turned from bright and cheery to horrendously windy and wet.  As we drove into Milton, the wind lashed against our virtual sail of vehicle and pushed our van all over the road.  We started worrying that our walk in Dunedin to the Yellow-eyed Penguin colony would be nipped, but as we approached the outer limits to the city of Dunedin, the rain abated and clear skies came into view again.  Whew!  Now let's hope this stroke of luck carries over to our walk to find one of the rarest of penguins: the Yellow-eyed Penquin!

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  1. ROHAN MUST FALL! Love the LOTR reference, must be awesome and we hope you are having a great time Brother! Your pals the Silva's. Tribe #22!