Sunday, January 12, 2014

11 January 2014: Queenstown, day 1

Queenstown is built on adrenaline and our students were eager to get a taste of it!  Several of our students sky-dived for the first time ever, and a few other students took a less-risky thrill: canyoning.  Much of the remainder of our group did what Dr. Moran and I chose: have a slow day taking in Queenstown.  After a late start, Dr. Moran and I headed to town for some shopping at the Saturday flea market, a lunch of steak or fish-and-chips, and then we walked a track that went to the community adjacent to Queenstown, Fernhill.  The weather was absolutely perfect: cloudless sky, slight breeze from the west coming off the lake, and temperatures in the low 70s.  After realizing we didn’t find the correct track, we make our way back to our hostel.  Following more souvenir shopping, Dr. Moran and I grilled some hotdogs he procured at the local convenient store…and spruced-up those puppies with ketchup and/or hot sauce!  New Zealand doesn’t do hotdogs very well, but we managed.  Following dinner, I hiked up Queenstown Hill for some incredible vistas of this area.  The weather started to change from cloudless skies and the sun was beginning to set (it was 8:30pm, after all!) while I was atop the hill, so I made my way back to hostel.  Today was an amazing day, and one that was great to have ‘off’.

Queenstown harbour on a beautiful summer's day, the scenery for mine and Dr. Moran's lunch today.

Me, atop Queenstown Hill, after an exhausting hike!

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