Wednesday, January 20, 2016

21 January 2016: the final day

After an amazing trip that lasted 24 days, nearly countless miles in the van, extraordinary smells from said van, interesting and varied conditions within hostels, we are now poised to return home.  Our final days in New Zealand were spent in Christchurch, a city that was ravished by powerful earthquakes in 2010/2011.  It's a city of rebirth and growing architectural beauty.  We visited withe Antarctic Centre to learn about Little Blue Penguins and Antarctica, and, to send us off in a true summer manner, we spent our final full day in New Zealand soaking up the sun at Taylor's Mistake Bay beach.  While we would all say we'd love to just stay in New Zealand, we're all missing you at home, whether its parents, friends, or the family cat.  We have stories to tell and we hope you'll do us the favor and allow us to revel in the extraordinary time we've had on the trip.  Know that the smiles and enthusiasm are deeply-rooted; with the exception of the odd belly ache, we've had an incredible journey!  See you all soon.

The gang in our trusty steed of a van!

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